Thaipark - Germany's largest Thaifood-Market, known from

The Thaipark in Berlin Wilmersdorf

In a normal park that appears at first glance, a new, colorful and exotic world stretches regularly. The Prussian Park in Berlin's Wilmersdorf district, Directly at the Fehrbelliner Platz is open around the clock, here takes place almost daily and especially on weekends a hustle and bustle. At this time, the Prussian Park is transformed into Thaipark (also called Thai meadow).

Preußenpark (Thaipark) Brandenburgische Strasse, 10707 Berlin
Cultural events from April to October always Friday to Sunday from 11:00-22:00.

At first glance, the park appears like a crowded sunbathing area, in which the Berlin residents fill up with sunshine at times. Only at second glance does one recognize the true backdrop. Under colorful umbrellas, On bast mats or small stools, there are a number of Thai women who cook delicious Thai food on the spot and offer it for consumption. Strictly speaking, other Asians are sitting there, too. such as Chinese, Laotians, Vietnamese or Filipino. But the main focus is on the Thai flair and the delicious food. This special, actually private event invites all the curious, Just try it out as you feel like it. You can even watch the women making the dishes fresh. The air is filled with the classic Thai smells that give you the water in the mouth.

You should definitely have some time to try these pleasures. There is a huge selection of food and drinks waiting for you. How about the well-known for the park fresh papaya salad followed by a delicious, refreshing sip of coconut milk straight from the nut?

Even suspicious people will definitely get their money's worth and can convince themselves in an instant of the culinary Thai delights. When you first visit Thaipark Come, you will feel like in another world. The flair may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but you will soon be drawn into this exotic little oasis in the middle of the big city drawn.

On the large sunbathing area of ​​the park, a mixed crowd is bustling. In addition to local Berliners and Thais, you will also find many tourist groups that have taken this secret tip once wanted to watch. The ambience is very friendly and open-hearted. The anonymity of the city of Berlin seems completely forgotten for a moment. Especially stands out the unique Authenticity that you experience in the park when the Thai people and their neighbors reach for the wooden spoon. Because here you will definitely get real, traditional Thai food, unlike in the usual Thai restaurants.

In addition, the whole environment creates a flair like in Asia, where drinks and food are offered on similar markets every day. From hearty food, small snacks, exotic insects to sweets and the extraordinary, there is everything a gourmet's heart desires. If the weather is right, this spectacle takes place almost every day. But at the weekend it is the most beautiful, because then is the most going on. You could even spend an entire afternoon there, without realizing how time flies.

In a relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy delicious deep-fried or a summer roll, for example, during lunch, but especially for visitors from outside this place is worth a visit. The atmosphere is very relaxed and pleasant despite people and noise. The Thaipark also invites to cozy picnics in groups. However, trying things out in the group is generally a good idea, as you also have the opportunity to really try it through the dishes and drinks.

The charm of the improvised stands, the colorful parasols in the back you can enjoy culinary and incidentally playing cards, chat comfortably or get to know other people. You can convince yourself of the freshness of the dishes by watching the Thai women making their food. The background of the whole is very nice too. For many years now, Asians and their families, mainly Thais, have been meeting in the park in Berlin to exchange ideas and talk in their native language far away from the big city. In Thaipark, these people experience a little piece of home. The whole place is full of vitality and authenticity.

A longer stay in the park is also no problem. There are clean toilets on site, the garbage in the park is disposed of exemplary every night and a playground for the little ones among us is also available. The Thaipark is definitely worth a visit.